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Maximite empty PCB

Article code: KIT307m

Maximite empty PCB

A Maximite empty PCB to build and program the original first Maximite all by yourself. You can find the needed PIC32 at the menu electronic parts / microcontrollers. You must solder and program the PIC32 yourself. We also sell loose and already programmed PIC32 chips.

Keep in mind that the PIC32 is an SMD part so you must have the skills to solder this on the PCB.

Beneath this article under the head "Other customers also bought" you will find some difficult to find but needed parts like the SD card connector and the PIC for the Maximite. This way you can find the parts to make a complete kit by your own for less money then the complete kit. You only have to solder everything yourself and program the PIC. You will need a PICKIT 3 programmer to do this.

Maximite computer empty PCB
Frontside Maximite PCB

Maximite computer empty PCB
Backside Maximite PCB

Also buy the needed parts below here to make a complete Maximite yourself.

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